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23 August 2009

Double Storey Terrace House @ Taman Semabok Perdana

20' x 70'
Very strategic location - easy access to AMJ Highway
5 min to Tesco / Melaka Raya / Bukit Baru...

Single Storey Terrace House @ Taman Pengkalan Jaya, Bukit Katil

Any type of single storey terrace at this taman
Budget around RM130,000

Office @ Melaka Raya

1st floor, Jalan Melaka Raya 25
Facing empty land
Empty office lot
Rental RM600 per month

Budget Hotel

Renovated budget hotel for sale
22 rooms
Major road
RM3.2 million

Budget Hotel @ Melaka roadside

6,000 sqft
45 rooms
RM5 million

Budget Hotel @ Melaka Raya

For rent @ RM16,500 neg per month

4 blocks

Single Storey Semi D @ Bukit Beruang

Jalan Delima 23
3,200 sqft
Peaceful environment

Double Storey Terrace (Corner) House @ Taman Bukit Beruang

Extended kitchen
5 rooms
big compound with main gate & side gate
RM250,000 neg

Double Storey Shop House @ Taman Bachang Utama

20' x 65'

Single Storey Semi D @ Bukit Beruang

2,380 sqft
3 rooms
Taman Bukit Melaka

Apartment @ University View, Bukit Beruang

3 rooms
980 sqft
With air-cond
Sell @ RM140,000
Rent @ RM1,000/month


Double Storey Terrace House @ Taman Bukit Beruang

20' x 70'
4 rooms

Development Land @ Bukit Baru

16 acres
Behind Melaka Mall
Regular in shape, flat in terrain
Suitable for building high rise condo, business centre, houses etc
RM50 million neg

Development Land @ Semabok Roadside

3 acres
66' x 132'
RM65 psf
Opposite Caltex
Suitable for building commercial showroom

Commercial Land @ Bachang

Opposite Prudential - roadside
1.5 acres
RM75 psf neg
Suitable for building hotel

Single Storey Terrace House @ Taman Seri Jati, Batu Berendam

20' x 65'
RM135,000 neg

Single Storey Terrace House @ Bukit Beruang

Taman Bukit Beruang Utama
1,200 sqft
3 rooms
RM118,000 neg
Suitable to rent to MMU students

Single Storey Terrace House @ Taman Garuda, Gangsa

1,360 sqft (20' x 68')
Kitchen extended

Double Storey Terrace House @ Taman Nirwana, Klebang

20' x 60'
Rear extended
Facing east
Highly development area at Klebang
Just behind Bintang supermarket & KFC

Double Storey Terrace House @ Taman Nirwana, Klebang

20' x 60'
Fully renovated + with 6 airconds
Facing east
Suitable for family or investment (rent to engineer from Penapisan Petronas @ Tangga Batu)
Potential area for capital appreciation - Malacca Straits Medical Centre and lots of development coming soon

Single Storey Terrace @ Ujong Pasir

Corner house
1,995 sqft
Hilir Garden
Facing north
Suitable for family or investment (rent to working people around Melaka Raya & Bandar Hilir)


Single Storey Terrace House @ Taman Seri Teluk Mas

20' x 65'
Facing empty land
RM88,000 neg

Single Storey Terrace House @ Taman Merak Mas, Bukit Katil

Leasehold till 2094.
20' x 60'
End lot with extra land 6' x 20'
RM98,000 neg

Development Land @ Taming Sari

38,065 sqft
Sell @ RM1,980,000

Development Land @ Semabok

Freehold roadside land - just opposite Shell & Mobil petrol station.
7.2 acres
RM45 psf

Updated on 2/10/2009: can be sold separately: lot no 514+515+71 (about 3.3 acres)


Oil Palm Estate @ Durian Tunggal

1.5km from main road
Not far from Kolej KUTKM
12 years old oil palm
10 acres
RM70,500 per acre neg

Development Land @ Bemban

26 acres
Main road
Suitable for housing development
RM3.30 psf

Rubber Estate @ Durian Daun, Masjid Tanah

3 min from Masjid Tanah town
Old rubber trees
5 acres
Owner let go due to migration

Development Land @ Bachang

Land between Melaka Central - Giant
3 acres
RM21 psf (market price RM25 psf)

Oil Palm Land @ Bukit Lintang

25 acres
3 years old oil palm
RM1.77 psf

Deveopment Land @ Bertam

5 acres
Opposite Tesco Extra
RM9.00 psf neg

Agriculture Land @ Tiang Dua

Agriculture land planted with durian / mangosteen / duku / langsat / pineapple / cempedak etc.
4.149 acres
Roadside - near to JPJ Academy and MARA College.
Potential for future development.
Sell @ RM7.00 psf

Development Land @ Gapam-Air Keroh Main Road

About 7 acres
RM6.00 psf net

Agriculture Land @ Bukit Rambai

3 acres
RM6.00 psf

22 August 2009

Double Storey Terrace (Corner) House @ Taman Aman, Ujong Pasir

Go in from Petronas petrol station.
Freehold 22′ x 80′
Owner migrated to Australia.
Near to seaside. Good view.
Fully renovated with fixed wardrobe in every bedroom & kitchen cabinet.
Large balcony.
RM250,000 neg


Bungalow Land @ Cheng

Bungalow lot at Cheng Perdana
2 lots - 6,600 sqft & 7,100 sqft
RM30 psf neg

3 Storey Shop House @ Melaka Raya

Same row with Asian Havana Cafe
Face South East
RM300,000 best buy
Very near to seaside.
Potential location - 5 min driving distance to Pulau Melaka (Arab City), Holiday Inn

Development Land @ Bertam Hulu or Sungai Udang

Location: roadside of Bertam Hulu or Sungai Udang
Size: 3 acres
Urgent needed for government project.

Double Storey Terrace House @ Bertam Setia

New house.
Freehold 20′ x 60′
Facing north
4 Room 3 Bathroom

Development Land @ Tangkak, Johor

Near Tangkak toll and Kawasan Perindustrian Tangkak
Total 16.5 acres
Price: RM220,000 per acre

Agriculture Land @ Bemban

Roadside - 2km from Bemban town
3.5 acres
Planted with durian trees, mangosteen trees etc
RM3.80 psf neg

Oil Palm Land @ Gapam

Planted with 5 years old oil palm
14 acres
RM85,000 per acre
Location: on the right after 2km from Orna Resort

Single Storey Bungalow @ Tengkera

4,850 sqft
RM450,000 neg
5 rooms 4 baths
With big attic

Multipurpose Hall @ Taman Semabok Perdana

Multipurpose hall for rent by hourly or daily basis.
With projector and whiteboard facility.
Suitable for meeting, discussion, product preview, training, seminar, motivation, teaching etc.
2 types of room to meet your need:
Popular Room
Size: 20 x 11
* Theatre style: 15
* Classroom style: 9
* U-Shape: 9Room Rental:
* RM60 per 2 hours
Success Hall
Size: 20 x 25
* Theatre style: 50
* Classroom style: 24
* U-Shape: 24Hall Rental:
* RM120 per 2 hours
For more details, please logon to

Oil Palm Land @ Kampung Brisu, Alor Gajah

1 acre freehold land planted with oil palm.
Near Simpang Empat, Alor Gajah.
For bumi and non-bumi.
RM65,000 neg

2 Storey Shop House @ Melaka Raya

Same block with Post Office Melaka Raya.
Sell at RM320,000 nett

3 Storey Shop House @ Melaka Raya

Just behind old Bei Zhan Restaurant
Sell at RM380,000 neg
Rent at RM2,800 whole block
Popular area, convenience parking

3 Storey Shop Houses @ Melaka Raya

Shop house behind Bei Zhan Restaurant previous location.
2 lots linked of 3 storeys shop houses.
Size: 22′ x 70′ each
RM390,000 each lot
Suitable for budget hotel and commercial

Bungalow Land @ Balik Bukit, Alai

1/4 acre or 10,890 sqft. Leasehold till 2083. Bungalow lot with fruit trees. RM99,000 best offer.

Single Storey Bungalow @ Bukit Baru

Located at Taman Dato Palembang, Bukit Baru.
Leasehold left 64 years.


Double Storey Terrace House @ Taman Nirwana, Klebang

Just behind Bintang supermarket, Klebang.
Renovated and fully furnished.
Freehold 22′ x 70′
Facing South
4 rooms with 8 single beds, 3 bathrooms with 2 heater, 5 units aircond, washing machine, sofa, TV, dining set, refrigerator and kitchen cabinet. All new.
Large balcony.
Price: RM238,000 nett


15 August 2009

Agriculture Land @ Tiang Dua

4 acres freehold land.
Agriculture - planted with 1 year old oil palm tree.
Very near to JPJ Academy and MARA College.
Potential for future development.
RM85,000 per acre.

14 August 2009

Single Storey Terrace @ Bukit Rambai

20' x 65'
Located at Taman Sri Rambai, Melaka.
Renovated with full kitchen cabinet and additional attic.
Facing south.
Back yard still have empty land for plantation.
Peace and chill environment.
Currently tenanted.
Selling at RM128,000 neg.