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12 February 2014

Double Storey Semi D @ Bukit Beruang

Located at Taman Bukit Melaka, Bukit Beruang
40 x 80
5 bedroom 3 bathroom
Rental RM1,300 nett

Ref: 14-51

Shoplot @ Pulau Gadong

New project
Facing AMJ Highway and Pulau Gadong mainroad
Double storey
Size 22 x 60

Limited units
Total 16 units 
Sold 12 units
Left only 4 units for non bumi

1. Intermediate unit facing Pulau Gadong road: 22' x 60' RM1,100,000 nett (No 7 in the photo)
2. Corner unit facing Pulau Gadong road: 24' x 60' RM1,350,000 nett (No 9 in the photo)
3. Corner unit facing AMJ Highway: 28' x 60' RM2,200,000 nett (No 10 in the photo)
4. Corner unit facing AMJ Highway: 29' x 60' RM2,200,000 nett (No 16 in the photo)

Ref: 14-50

University View Apt @ Bukit Beruang

3rd floor
989 sf
3 bedroom 2 bathroom
Rental RM1,200 nett

Ref: 14-50

Double Storey Semi D @ Ozana Impian

Land area: 6,500 sf
Built up: 2,438 sf
5 bedrooms 4 bathroom
To let RM3,000
For sale RM 688,000

Ref: 14-49

Mahkota Hotel @ Melaka Raya

760 sf
2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms
To let: RM2,000
Preferred professional

RefL 14-43

Bungalow Lot @ Melaka Perdana Resort Homes

Leasehold bungalow lot at Gapam, Melaka:

1. Address No 38: 13,358 sf RM38 psf nett Facing NE

2. Address No 3B: 16,372 sf RM35 psf nett Facing S

3. Address No 8: 5,414 sf RM30 psf nett Facing SE

Ref: 14-38

Cheng Height Condominium @ Cheng

C block 10th Floor
3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms
Fully furnished
Good view, nice design, cozy atmosphere
To let : RM2,000 nett

Ref: 14-37