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29 July 2012

Duplex Condo @ Golden Coast

Located at Klebang Besar
3rd floor
2 bedrooms
Newly renovated

Double Storey @ Bertam Setia

Double storey terrace to let at Taman Bertam Setia new phase
Spacious and cozy
Renovated with interior design
Fully furnished
RM2,500 per month
Near to Sun Power, Tesco (Cheng)

For sale at RM428,000

Double Storey Terrace @ Crystal Bay, Alai

Leasehold exp. 2096
RM170,000 Including all fitting and furniture
18' x 83'
4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms
2 airconditions
6 ceiling fans
1 refrigerator
1 washing machine
Kitchen cabinet
Direct piping water dispenser set
New and well kept


Double Storey Bungalow @ Tiang Dua

5,000 sf
Just touch up by owner
Upstairs: 1 bedroom with 1 bathroom
Downstairs: 2 bedroom with 1 bathroom

Ref: 12-213

Guest House @ Jonker Street

Guest house business at Jonker Street for taking over
With 10 rooms

Ref: 12-197


Durian Orchard @ Machap Umboo

Durian orchard with 2 lots of single storey semi D
2.5 acres
Leasehold left 27 years
Old durian trees

Ref: 12-197