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19 April 2013

Double Storey Terrace Corner @ Taman Merbok

3,046 sf
Fully renovated & extended
Upstairs: 6 bedrooms + 2 bathroom + big balcony + big family hall
Downstairs: Big living hall + 1 bedroom + 2 stores + big dining room + big kitchen
All solid stainless steel
Good material use in renovation
New and well maintain
Good view and fresh environment with mountain infront
Near to JPJ, Jusco, Melaka Mall, Pantai Hospital
Sell @ RM580,000 nego.

Ref: 13-80



  1. Im very interested in this property and had sent you two emails on this.

    Please let me know the built up and whether i can view on the property on 27/4/2013, 2pm.


  2. I am so sorry...I didn't receive any email regarding this property yet. The build up area after expansion is (22*70)+(15*10) according to the owner...If you confirm the appointment, I will inform the owner. This Sat 27/4/2013 2pm. Please email me your contact number for further correspondence. Thank you...

  3. ok no worries. you can call my mum at 0172256329 (Mrs Phang) or me at 0172256329 (Kyle).

    Yeah, we are good with the appointment. 2pm, saturday.

    you can always drop me an email at\


  4. sorry, mum's - 0176712386

  5. Uncle said Saturday 4pm...because 2pm he is still busy at shop...

  6. Do you have an email address?
    I want to contact you regarding a forthcoming visit to Melaka and the possibility to view a couple of properties to see what is available in the housing Market
    Thank you

    1. Please note that properties shown here are not updated on time. Some already sold or not available.
      Thank you.